Millsaps Named ‘Best Buy'

[verbatim] Millsaps College is one of only 24 private colleges nationwide and the only college in Mississippi named a "Best Buy" in the 2010 edition of Fiske's Top Financial Finds on the College Tuition Market.

"In today's world we know that a major concern among many of our prospective students and their parents is how to afford a quality education. At Millsaps we know that we are, and always have been, a 'best buy' because of the success of our graduates in launching meaningful careers or furthering their education at the best professional and graduate schools in the country," said Millsaps President Frances Lucas.

"Our standing in national rankings, such as in the Fiske guidebook, is further affirmation of the quality of academics we offer for a great price."

The revised and updated list features 44 private and public institutions as Best Buy Schools. The institutions were chosen based on the quality of academic offerings in relation to the cost of attendance. To determine this illustrious list, Fiske researchers combined the cost data with academic and other life-style information about each college and university to determine what institutions offer remarkable educational opportunities at a relatively modest cost.

At Millsaps, more than 90 percent of students receive some financial aid through an aggressive awards program for merit, leadership and service scholarships and institutional, federal and state need-based programs.

Millsaps has constantly been recognized by the guidebook since Fiske's inception in 1982. In the past, the guide has given Millsaps high marks for its Heritage Program, an interdisciplinary approach to world culture, and premedical summer research fellowships. In 2008 the guidebook said, "what differentiates the school is its focus on scholarly inquiry, spiritual growth and community service."

Other colleges and universities on Fiske's 2010 Best Buys roster include University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Florida, Cornell College, and Trinity University.

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I'm very proud of my Alma Mater. We have some great colleges here in Jackson. Damn, isn't it great to be a Jacksonian!!!!


Go Millsaps!



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