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We've heard a lot of talk about change the past couple of years from a political standpoint. However, my approach to change is more personal - and probably long overdue.

For years, I've wanted an art-related degree and a career in the graphic arts. Yes, I already have a math/computer science degree, but for what I was to do, which is to be a graphic designer, I need to step up my game a little. I've already been designing for a few years, but not at the level I want. Also, I didn't want to just buy a few Adobe programs and play around with them until I could figure out how to use them. So, I made decision to return to school.

This wasn't an easy decision by any means. I dropped out of grad school three times, and I have the student loans to show for it. However, I have a passion for graphic design, and I think that I am more likely to hang in there if I study something that I enjoy. Fortunately, I was able to transfer some credits, which will help me to graduate sooner. Also, I'm an taking my classes online, which is more convenient for me at this point in my life. Of course, this doesn't make my classes any easier. Online classes require a lot more reading, essays and proof of comprehension, which is why a lot of you probably haven't heard much from me lately.

My goal is to have my own graphic design business where I can not only do printing, but also create digital artwork that would look good enough to hang in a gallery. I am determined not to drop out this time, and I hope that I don't run into any obstacles after sharing this with you. However, I am hopeful about the future and am looking forward to finally fulfilling my dreams.

Can't talk much longer - I have work to do! :)

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This is great LW!! You can do it!! I love graphic design myself, and I played with the idea of going back to school, but in the end I just played around with Adobe programs so I can do a few things! It has helped me in my current job though - there is nothing wrong with increasing your skill set!


Thanks, Andi. :)



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