Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez

Blown away was I when I tasted my first Hurricane on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. The drink, not the Katrina.

The loose women in New Orleans are different from most because they can speak several languages. French, Spanish, English. Very impressed was I. Most women kiss the same, but when their tongue can speak in different tongues, you are willing to pay more.

Beads on the parade route come in very handy. They are a currency. Catch them when you can. Because later in the evening when you are standing on a balcony and loose women are gyrating below you on the street, as I said, they come in very handy.

When the Saints play terribly, Robert Downey Jr. says, "Man, this is terrible. Lets drink." When the Saints play wonderfully, Robert Downey Jr. says, "Man, this is wonderful. Lets drink."

Spike Lee made this movie about how the levees broke or something of that sort. Stole the idea from Led Zeppelin. Anyway, would have been cooler if Spike Jonze would have made the movie instead. It would have included gnarly skateboarding and rad visual effects.

Nothing is more romantic than swimming in the Mississippi River and waving at the barges as they pollute on by.

For Lent, Elizabeth gave up Catholicism.

Voodoo is something I do not practice, but I met a villain once. It was his trade. His name was Baron Samedi, and through the television screen, we shared a moment.

Vast quantities of sugar is consumed at Cafe Du Monde. Think of the children.

Fearless Jackson would entertain the thought of attending Mardi Gras this year if an invitation was extended. Frequent follies and entanglements are guaranteed. Hijinks galore. Spirited monologues, my dear, lets explore.

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Most women kiss the same, but when their tongue can speak in different tongues, you are willing to pay more. Action like that usually costs double.... LOL!!


Led Zeppelin stole it from Kansas Joe McCoy. No invitation for you.



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