[Musician's Corner] Latinismo!



Genre: Latin

Principals: Cucho Gonzalez, Rick Moreira, Richard Smith, Bob Piezcyk, Rufus Mapp, Steve Cook, John Powell, Richard Beverly, Mike Weidick, Patricia Cuenca, Shane Porter

Musical Influences: Santana, Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan, Selena, Poncho Sanchez, Buena Vista Social Club, Juan Luis Guerra and 440, Arturo Sandoval, Tito Puente

Non-Musical Inspirations: God, family

Past Bands/Persons You Have Performed With: Meet The Press, Patrick Smith, The Earth Angels, Hunter Gibson and The Gators, Dreamer, The Vamps,
Machete, Gilmore, Jewel Bass and These Days, Lisa Palmer

What You're Listening To: Buena Vista Social Club, Spanish Harlem Orchestra; everything with horns, percussion and guitar

Booking Info: Contact Shea Arender with Southern Festivals (e-mail: [email protected]), or Cucho Gonzalez (e-mail: [email protected])

Web site: http://www.latinismo.net


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