Flashback: JFP Cover Story, March 19, 2003

As the Jackson Free Press prepared to go to press five years ago this week, we knew that the U.S. invasion of Iraq was immiment. Even as most of the media supported Bush's war, and dissent was unpopular, our consciences told us to speak out against the war, even though we were only a few months old. So we pulled our cover story (about Chief Robert Moore and Jackson crime hysteria; ran the next week), and published this piece instead, "13 Myths About War in Iraq." The cover was an overlay of the word "WAR" over photographs Jaro Vacek had taken of small, local anti-war vigils.

As evidence emerged that the war was, indeed, based on lies and distortions over the years, and as some of us lost family members there, we have never once regretted the decision to run this cover story. We are also happy to report that, the next issue brought in our highest advertising revenue as of that point, renewing our faith in the role of the Fourth Estate and the public's patience for hearing unpopular truths. Thank you, Jackson, for your support over these years. And God bless our soldiers and all people who have been hurt by this war.

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God bless our troops, and God bless the JFP.



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