Passing the Torch to Obama

Letter to the editor,

It's a new thing for Mississippians to have the world giving a damn about how we're going to vote on something. But the primary next week suddenly is drawing international attention, and my inbox is filling up with attacks on and support for both Obama and Clinton. Here's a (form) letter from an Obama supporter I got this a.m.:

The campaign of Barack Obama has excited a whole new generation of previously disinterested young Americans. And though this swelling involvement of youth should set Democratic Party members singing "Happy Days Are Here Again," a few older members seem averse to joining with them and instead expect these young people to temper their idealism and switch allegiance to a candidate of their elders' choosing.

This wave of change is not going to happen if the incipient enthusiasm of these young people is squelched; the bulk of the newly involved will drift into the dead center of an apathetic public that has little faith in any political party's capacity to set this nation on a path that bodes a more promising and inclusive future for working and middle class, and destitute Americans.

Before any of us good old Democrats let this happen, best we remember John F. Kennedy's inaugural charge to the American people of his time: "Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans."

The only experience that means much of anything to these young people is the thrill and sense of accomplishment that has come to them from being involved in this inspirational campaign to bring real change to what has become vested-interests business in Washington.

The nationwide campaigns of Obama and Clinton are respectively the largest, most complex, resource consuming, people motivating, and open-ended efforts over which either one of them has ever before presided. Obama's has been an inspirational model of good governance; Clinton's is a fractious mess that has desperately resorted to openly smearing her opponent and anonymously spreading innuendo.

How come Clinton's highly touted experience did not make a difference from day one and now mires her campaign in the dirt?

Sam Osborne
West Branch, IA

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"my inbox is filling up with attacks on and support for both Obama and Clinton" not enough space for a letter from a Clinton supporter?


That's a great letter. Kind of long though. The short version is this: "All the new ennervated voters will stay home if Hillary and Bill seize the nomination and thus McCain will be president."


I believe that the USA is tired of the Clinton's and Hilary's dirty tricks ( i.e. I'll make Obama my VP). She only says that because she hopes it will get her more votes. She's not about to share power with anyone and Obama would be giving up all of his principles if her had to serve in her administration. Would he be Bill's gopher? I agree either Obama makes it to the GE or I'll very much against my will vote for McCain. Even if I don't agree with his program, at least he has some principles.



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