[Sue Doh Nem] Life Lends You a Poor Hand

Boneqweesha Jones: "It's 2008. Do you know where your money is? Things and people change—sometimes. And so does the name of my television show. The Ghetto Science media production staff suggested that I change the name of my show, 'Boneqweesha Live,' to a newer and sleeker name: 'Qweesha '08.' I like it!

"With me is the 'Spike Lee' of the Ghetto Science Team, Brother Kunta 'Rahsheed X' Toby. He's my first guest of the New Year, here to talk about his new film, 'Poor Hand Broke.'

"Brother Kunta, is Paul Newman in your film?"

Kunta: "No, 'Qweesha. But my film is inspired by the classic 1967 film 'Cool Hand Luke,' starring Paul Newman. Percy McBride, of the Ghetto Science Repertory Theater Ensemble, plays the principal character in my soon-to-be classic film, 'Poor Hand Broke.' This film is about a financially challenged person trying to escape the confines of poverty, apathy and oppression. Poor Hand Broke, the protagonist, serves an existential prison sentence, consisting of a dead-end job in a recessive economy and a declining society.

"Despite his situation, he acquires an education, career, home, family and car. Life deals him a 'poor hand' when he encounters more bad breaks and setbacks, such as rising food and fuel prices, unemployment and living on a fixed income. Therefore, 'Poor Hand Broke' represents the common person trapped in a cycle of 'coming back with nothing' in the poker game of 'Life in America.'"

Boneqweesha Jones: "And nothin' is just a poor hand."

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Yep, Poor Hand Broke is right. I heard on the news that California and Florida may already be in a recession because of the housing market slump. Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentleman...



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