[Sue Doh Nem] Caucus, Cabaret and Disco

Boneqweesha Jones: "Welcome to this special edition of 'Qweesha '08!' I'm honored to bring you this historic event and special report—live via rigged satellite—from inside the second-floor office of Big Roscoe, owner of Clubb Chicken Wing. Our balcony camera has a bird's-eye view of a serious political party going on at Clubb Chicken Wing. Correspondent TaaQweema Jenkins is on the scene. Let's cut in on the action to see what's happenin'."

TaaQweema Jenkins: "I'll tell you what's happenin'. It's the Ghetto Science Team Super Delegate Caucus Meeting, Cabaret and Disco. Nurse Tootie McBride and Grandpa Pookie are here with me to inform our Ghetto Science Team Television viewers about the purpose of this meeting."

Grandpa Pookie: "In 1972, a large group of people gathered in Gary, Ind., to meet, organize and decide on their political, economic and social future. Today, the Ghetto Science Team Super Delegates have gathered—like the Gary, Indiana, group—to decide: Will it be the 'Yes We Can Man' or the 'I Can Do Woman.'"

Nurse Tootie: "The Pointer Sisters sang it best: 'We got to make this land a better land/than the world in which we live/And we (The Ghetto Science Team Super Delegate Caucus)/ got to help each person be a better person.'"

Grandpa Pookie: "Right on, Tootie! I know we can make it/I know darn well we can work it out …"

TaaQweema Jenkins: "Yes, we can, can. That's my song."


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