Random Wellness: Try This At Home

1. Valerian might be a great sleep aid, but use it in moderation. Long-term use overstresses the adrenal glands.

2. If you take a fiber supplement, do not take any other medicine for at least 45 minutes. The fiber will absorb your medicine.

3. Eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice can increase the strength of your medicine, causing your dosage to be incorrect. Be sure to mention to your doctor if you are a grapefruit lover.

4. Hangover? Take a teaspoon of bifidus powder in water before bed. It helps to detoxify your body so you can make it to that meeting with your boss in the morning.

5. Want a natural way to prevent mildew on wood bookshelves? Rub clove oil into the wood. Make sure you work it in well by rubbing thoroughly—you don't want to stain your books!

6. Sleepy after eating Thanksgiving turkey? That is the amino acid tryptophan working. Good news! It is back on the market in pill form. You no longer have to eat the entire turkey to get that relaxed, satisfying feeling.

7. Worried about being zapped by those high-tension wires? Get a Teslar Watch. It has a electronic chip inside that reportedly protects you from those nasty EMF frequencies. Oprah has one!

8. Have warts? Put a slightly damp aspirin on it and cover with a Band-Aid. Aspirin contains a similar substance used in many wart remedies.

9. Sinus troubles? Invest in a neti pot. It gently washes your sinuses with salt water. It's available at heath food and drug stores.

10. Once you recover from a cold or flu, it is best to get a new toothbrush. Otherwise, you might just re-infect yourself. If not, soak your brush in hydrogen peroxide to kill those pesky germs.

11. There are a lot of models of tongue cleaners out on the market, and I have tried them all. I recommend the metal ones; they do the best job. No tongue cleaner? Try a spoon in a pinch.

12. Oil pulling? I know it sounds strange, but put a tablespoon or two of sesame oil in your mouth and squish it around. Don't swallow! Spit it out! It absorbs nasty toxins from your mouth and helps keep your teeth sparkling white.

13. Arthritis? Stay away from the nightshade plants—tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and some peppers cause an inflammatory response making arthritis pain worse.

14. There is a new breakthrough in oral cancer detection that can be done painlessly in your dentist's office. OralCDx is the first computerized brush biopsy system. It was developed as part of the "Star Wars" missile-defense program!

15. TMJ or jaw-clinching problems? Press and massage the area right below your fingernails on your thumbs. These are the reflexology points for you upper and lower jaws.

16. Think you can't afford to start eating organic food? Big Lots usually has a variety of organic cereals, cookies and tea. Variety is limited.

17. After finishing your ANTIbiotics, be sure to take PRObiotics. You need to replace the friendly bacteria in the digestive tract that the antibiotics killed.

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15. TMJ or jaw-clinching problems? Press and massage the area right below your fingernails on your thumbs. These are the reflexology points for you upper and lower jaws. Just tried it, and it does help a little.


Some great ideas. Jackie


What a handy list! Thanks. These are some good tips.



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