Supes Withhold Emergency Plan


Mississippi school children continue to suffer physical abuse at the Oakley and Columbia training schools, according to monitor Joyce L. Burrell's report. For the fifth time in five quarterly reports, Burrell reports abuse of students and stalled progress in the state's efforts to reform the schools.

The JFP's letter to the supervisors demanded that any refusal refer to an exemption under the Public Records Act, but Fisher did not refer to the law.

In an interview with the JFP regarding the new plan on Feb. 25, Supervisor Charles Barbour said: "(The public) doesn't need to know certain things that can put them in harm's way, or if they lost that information, could be provided to a terrorist."

In other Hinds County news, Supervisor Ronnie Chappell changed his vote in approving an appraiser for the Mississippi Title Building, making way for a purchase of the $2.5 million building.

In an interview with the JFP on March 7, Supervisor Doug Anderson, who negotiated the purchase of the building, said: "We have two votes, and if only one person decides to change his mind, we can proceed with the purchase."

Chappell, who brought the re-vote up for discussion on March 19, did not return calls to explain his "change of mind."


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