Colour Revolt's Gear Stolen

A little over an hour ago, we just had our entire van, trailer and gear stolen after a show here in Dallas. The van had MISSISSIPPI plate L890WB. It is a white 1994 Chevrolet G20 VAN.

Literally we had just packed up after our show, went back into the venue, 15 minutes later, the van and everything in it had disappeared. We lost not only our van and trailer. But all of our gear and merch, and most of our personal belongings, like laptops, clothes, papers for school. Our van was insured, but most of the rest of the things are not.

Please pass this on to anyone that you know of who lives in the Dallas Fort Worth area!!!

You can call us if you live in the area, it'd be great if you could help us go to pawn shops, etc. and look for this gear. Our cell phones are about all we have left.

Jesse - 601.927.7373
Sean - 601.624.0242
Len - 601.750.0643

UPDATE: Some people have asked if they could send money, we're truly grateful for that. here's one way you can do that:

Send any donations via Paypal to: [e-mail missing]
You can also check to FOXXE IN A BOX LLC
c/o Palmer Houchins, Manager
2169 Hosea L. Williams
Atlanta, GA 30317

Here's all of our gear information, with serial numbers...


Quantity Name Serial ..
1 Rhythem Tech DST Tamborine n/a
1 Belkin Surgemaster Power Strip FSC572-TEL
1 Harmonic Holder n/a
1 MPM Piano Sustain Pedal n/a
2 Planet Wave Guitar Cable n/a
1 Boss AC Adapter n/a
2 DiMarzio Guitar Cable n/a
1 SR Components AC Adapter E152985 4T79 02
2 Prolink Monster Cable n/a
1 Electro Harmonics Deluxe Memory Man n/a
1 MXR Miar Amp Guitar Pedal n/a
1 Vox Wah Wah Guitar Pedal CH11035
1 Boss Super Overdrive SD-1 Guitar Pedal PQ33669
1 Mesa Channel Switch Rectifier Pedal n/a
1 Morley A/B Piano/Guitar Pedal n/a
1 Marine Band/Hohner Harmonica 189693
1 Roadhog Guitar Cable n/a
1 Guild Acoustic Guitar CRM000055
1 SKB PS-25 PedalBoard n/a
1 SVT Spenleer Cable E162604
1 Spot 9 Volt adapter LL181487
1 Electro Harmonics Big Muff Pedal n/a
1 Boss TL1-2 Chromatic Tuner CM50426
1 Boss Super Overdrive SD-1 Guitar Pedal LM18444
1 Ibanez DE7 Delay-Echo n/a
1 Marshall Shredmaster Distortion Pedal n/a
1 Boss Digital Reverb RV-5 ZQ45573
1 Gemini Power Strip LR69225
4 Connector cables n/a
1 12 pack - Dunlop Tortex Standard .73 mm guitar picks n/a
1 Boss LL100 guitar cord n/a
1 Jim Dunlop stringwinder n/a
2 Pack of D'Addario EXL110 guitar strings n/a
1 Pack of Musician's Choice MC9 Guitar Strings n/a
1 Gibson SG guitar 2300470
1 Gibson Les Paul Studio 93516591
1 Ampeg B2R Head BDKD020121
2 AV Batteries n/a
9 Power connector cables n/a
2 9V Adapaters n/a
3 Instrument cables 111
1 Speaker cable n/a
1 Power cable n/a
1 Power strip n/a
1 Peddle Board n/a
5 Instrument connector cables n/a
1 Morley A/B Switch Foot Pedal n/a
1 Electro Harmonix Big Muff Distortion Pedal n/a
1 Tech 21-NYC-Sansanp Bass Drive D1 667752
1 Zoom BFX-708 Bass Effects Processor n/a
1 Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Jr. n/a
1 Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler Pedal (21)DLM0I5401005607
1 Bass Blues Driver BD-2 pedal JQ88193
1 Planet Waves Tuner Pedal PW-CT-04
1 Electo-Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb pedal n/a
1 Line 6 Class 2 AC power transformer MW48T-09020000A
1 Electro-Harmonix AC/DC adapter 2206E159249
1 Danelectro AC/DC adapter 8H17E211016
8 Connector cables n/a
1 Daisy chain power connector n/a
1 SEIKO Chromatic Tuner n/a
1 Mesa 100 watt tremelo-verb guitar amp haead R-007369
1 GH Industrial Connector Cable n/a
1 2x12 Speaker cabinet handmade
1 Fender 52' Reissue Telecaster + case n/a
5 6" connector cables n/a
1 Gibson Jumbo Body Acoustic/Electric + case 2732014
1 Black Ultra Keyboard Stand n/a
1 Black Proline Keyboard Stand n/a
1 Spare trailor tire n/a
1 Fender Jazz Bass + case M20180907
1 Korg 88 Key Stage Piano SP-200 2015550
1 Black Handshell Gator Piano Case n/a
1 Tama Iron Cobra Single Pedal (black) n/a
1 Tama Iron Cobra Double Pedal (gray) n/a
1 C&C Custom Snare Drum handmade
1 Slingoland 15" Tom Drum 76056
1 Slingoland 18" Tom drum 146342
1 Slingoland 26" Kick Drum 167308
1 Slingoland 14" Snare Drum 190230
1 DW 14" Snare Drum 113035
1 Dumpster Carpet w/ wood block handmade
1 14" Zildjian A Mastersound HiHat Tophat JF 46456-113
1 14" Zildjian A Mastersound HiHat Bottomhat JD 36187-117
1 22" Zildjian A Custom Ride JE 40635-008
1 24" Zildjian A Medium Ride JE 40982-005
1 Road Boss Cymbal Case w/ Cymbals 12326
1 SKB Black Hardware Case n/a
1 Roc N Soc Bicycle Style Drum Throne n/a
1 Tuxedo Drum Stick Bag w/ Sticks n/a
1 Tama Iron Cobra Hi Hat Stand n/a
1 DW Cymbal stand n/a
1 Pearl Cymbal stand n/a
2 Tama Snare Stand n/a
1 Hi Hat Mountable Tamborine n/a
4 Floor tom legs for 18" Slingoland n/a
1 1960 AX Marshall Cabinet 7565
1 Fender Jazzmaster V135985
1 Guitar case n/a
1 Acoustic guitar case n/a
1 Ibanez Art Wood acoustic C02121252
1 Fender Twin Amp CR-279982
3 Guitar cables n/a
1 Power adapter n/a
1 Fender American pbass Z2048303
Peavey 700 Amp ???
Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier Solo Head 50 W C550-02635
Ampeg 410svt-hlf BKFDN00035
Big Muff Pi Pedal ???
Boss TU2 pedal ???
1 Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier Solo Head 50 W C550-02635

Originally posted on Colour Revolt's Myspace blog.

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Ledger picked this up.


Aw, crud. That really stinks. One thing I can't stand is for greedy, shiftless rogues to take away everything that an honorable person has worked their tail off to acquire. I hope you get back everything you lost and then some.


Me, too, L.W. I encourage everyone do do what you can to help. These guys are a source of major pride for Jackson, not to mention great guys.


I'm keeping an eye on ebay, but that's the best I can do. Hope these guys get their stuff back.

Lady Havoc


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