No. 32, May 30 - June 20

<b><em>Best Chicks Ever</b></em>

Thank you for all your hard work that resulted in the "best-ever" Chick Ball. Donna and her gang at the Jackson Free Press have truly outdone themselves this year. These ladies have raised over $7,000 for us up to this point, and the money is still coming in. Thank you also to every business and individual who donated an item for auction or raffle and to the entertainers who kept us mesmerized all evening. All these wonderful items and talent made the night even more special!

Please understand the gravity of the success of this event. This means we can: fill prescriptions for little boys who are sick; replace tires for a woman who needs her car to flee a violent situation; fund bus tickets to move a young mother and her small children back to Minnesota where her family is waiting to help; provide dental work for a victim who had damaged teeth; and on and on I could go. Basically, from the bottom of our hearts, we want to somehow express how grateful we are for every expression of support from each and every one of you who participated. Thank you a thousand times over, and we'll see you next year!
— Sandy Middleton, Executive Director, The Center for Violence Prevention, Pearl

To the People Who Care
I just wanted to say thank you.

I watched the documentary ("Mississippi Cold Case") about Thomas Moore and the deaths of Charles Moore and Henry Dee. I was appalled by the treatment that Thomas received. However, it didn't surprise me in the least. I am a resident of (and was born in) Louisiana, and I am well aware of the legacy that the South has regarding race relations. But one thing did surprise me regarding your coverage: Donna Ladd's picture.

I read your response to the Franklin Advocate editor (Mary Lou Webb), and I applaud you and your position 100 percent. But when I saw your picture, and noticed—with some degree of shock—that you were white, I almost cried. It gave me hope. As much as things like the Moore case, the "Mississippi Burning" cases, Black Wall Street's collapse in Tulsa, Rosewood and the legacy of Vidor, Texas, make me upset and frustrated with this great country, it is people like you, who speak the truth regardless of your own race and its perceived biases that absolutely give me hope that this country can move in the right direction. It also gives me hope that my six years of service in the U.S. Air Force were not in vain and that there are people who really care about this country.

As lurid, shady and downright shameful some of our past has been as a country, it is my sincere hope that people like you and Thomas Moore rise to the surface and above the likes of Paris Hilton, Anna Nicole Smith, 50 Cent and the celebrity-of-the-moment to speak for those who cannot speak and to get nose-to-nose with those who wish to silence you.

Thank you.
— Capt. Timagnus D.A. "Tim" Traylor, Shreveport, La.

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