[Stiggers] Look Out, David Hasselhoff!

Boneqweesha Jones: "As day transitions into night, a young 'brotha' rides the mean streets of his neighborhood. With dutiful purpose, he pumps the pedals of a pink five-speed banana-seat bicycle.

"Things can get kind of strange, 'round midnight. The brother cruises through alleys and around dilapidated homes. He makes his rounds throughout the community to investigate and counteract suspicious activity. Who is this 'mystery brotha,' and why must he ride that pink banana-seat bike? Let's find out, on this edition of '60 Minutes in the Ghetto.'"

Mystery Brotha: "I ride around in the 'hood for the same reason rich folk have security guards riding around in gated suburban communities."

Bonqweesha Jones: "So you're the poor folk's version of the security guard?"

Mystery Brotha: "Poor folk need protection, too."

Boneqweesha Jones: "Protection from whom?"

Mystery Brotha: "Protection from each other. In desperate times, desperate people do desperate things and commit desperate acts—which I won't name—against each other."

Boneqweesha Jones: "As Earth, Wind and Fire sang, 'That's the Way of the World.' What's up with the pink banana-seat bike?"

Mystery Brotha: "I share the bike with my daughter."

Bonqweesha Jones: "So what do you call a 'brotha' who rides a pink bike in the night time?"

Mystery Brotha: "Night Rider!"

Bonqweesha Jones: "Look out, David Hasselhoff!"


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