[Stiggers] An Already Angry Sista

TaaQweema: "I'm Boneqweesha's star student and Suma Cum Lawd Have Mercy graduate of the Hair Did University school of Cosmetology. You're watching 'Ask 'TaaQweema,' the new call-in and advice television show. Before I close, I must address a question via e-mail from 'AlreadyAngrySista-N-2007.' She writes:

"'Dear TaaQweema: Every time I drive my hoopty into the parking lot of the Funky Ghetto Plaza, I hit nothin' but pot holes that should have been fixed two years ago. The grocery store always has a fowl foot-odor smell, the floors are layered with dirt, and the customer-service folk have poor attitudes.

"'Last week at the plaza, two winos approached me for money. I called for the parking lot security officer, but he could not help me because his security cart turned over after hitting one of those monster potholes. So I had to use a Nurse Tootie McBride beat-down technique to ward off the beggars.

"'It seems like folks with good jobs and plenty of money experience heaven where they live, while the unemployed and poor folk deal with crap in the funky ghetto. I'm sad, confused and frustrated. Help a sista understand this foolishness!'"

TaaQweema: "Here's some philosophical advice: There's balancing in life, consisting of happiness and strife. Determine which one wins, and look within. The answer depends on what you will do. Just make the right choice, and stay tuned for 'Celebrity Dozens with Rosie and Donald' on the Ghetto Science Television Network."

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Amen, Ken. You are what you think and think about.

Ray Carter

I am an angry Sista, MS legislature is attempting to force women of MS to have unwanted babies and the press isn't talking about it!

Jackson Area NOW


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