ARAB STRAP's Good-Bye Best Of Album

Chemikal Underground has finally set a U.S. release date for ARAB STRAP's swan-song compilation, Ten Years Of Tears. The album will be released February 20th. By no means your standard 'best-of', Ten Years Of Tears includes never before heard demos, b-sides, new tracks, remixes and more.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Set The Scene
2. Islands
3. First Big Weekend
4. Gilded
5. I Saw You
6. Clearing
7. Packs Of Three
8. Afternoon Soaps
9. Rocket Take Your Turn
10. To All A Good Night
11. Turbulence
12. Shy Retirer
13. Blood
14. If There's No Hope For Us
15. Where We've Left Our Love
16. Girl I Loved Before I Fucked
17. Oxytocin
18. There Is No Ending


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