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In RHPS parlance, a "virgin" is anyone who's never seen RHPS (that's "Rocky Horror Picture Show," the movie) in a theater. Seeing it on TV doesn't count (TV virgin), renting the DVD doesn't count (Video virgin), and not even seeing the play really counts (Stage virgin), although, personally, I have my doubts about the last one.

Traditionally, venues have a virgin ceremony before each performance. Fun and harmless, a ceremony might include faking an orgasm, or learning the steps to the "Time Warp." If you don't want to get picked, just point to the person sitting next to you and mouth "virgin" to the MC, although this ploy has been known to backfire.

If you really are an RHPS virgin, here are a few tips for a happy RHPS experience:
• Be ready to have fun!
• Dress comfortably, in clothes that wash well.
• Dress in black. A little goth style works well if you don't come in character.
• Come sober. The experience will be dulled by alcohol, believe me, and drunks seriously impinge on other's enjoyment in close quarters.
• If you don't know any other lines, yell "#######!" every time Brad's name is mentioned, and "Slut!" every time you hear "Janet."
• If you bring props, remember that they should be aimed in the general direction of the screen, not at other people in the audience.
• If you're in the front row, prepare to get wet.

One of the easiest ways to tell a RHPS virgin is arriving to the show prop-less. Of course, you can always come without props—they aren't necessary to have fun—but having the right props and using them at the right time can be a blast. Listed below is the "official" prop list with instructions for when to use them, according to the Web site http://www.uta.fi/~cstivi/rocky.html


The opening film segment features Ralph Hapschatt and Betty Monroe's wedding. As the newlyweds leave the church, throw your rice (uncooked, of course) along with the actors.

Squirt Gun

When Brad and Janet leave their car because of a flat tire, they walk toward the castle "back there," during a thunderstorm. Use the squirt gun to simulate the rain. Bring the next prop to avoid getting soaked.


Janet uses a newspaper (specifically the Cleveland Plain Dealer) as a makeshift umbrella. When she raises the paper to cover her head, you should do the same.


In the song "Over at the Frankenstein Place," light up when you hear the verse containing "...There's a Light." Lighters, matches and candles used to be popular, but they really are a fire hazard, especially since you'll have a newspaper on your head. Using them could get you kicked out of the theater, if you survive the fire.

Surgical Gloves

Frank N. Furter snaps his gloves on his wrist during and after his "creation" speech. When you time your own snaps in time with Frank's, it's a great sound effect.

Noise Makers

Bring anything used to make noise at parties. When Frank finishes his "mad doctor's creation speech," join the cast in the noise and applause.


After the "Charles Atlas" song, Frank leads the newly created Rocky into the master suite to "make him into a man." Throw confetti to celebrate the happy event along with the Transylvanians.

Toilet Paper

Brad shouts out "Great Scott" when Dr. Scott enters the laboratory. That's your cue to hurl rolls of toilet paper. The Scott brand is preferable, of course, but most people won't notice if you choose a more economical brand.


When Frank proposes a toast at the dinner table, throw your toast into the air. Toast is best when fresh—the stale stuff can put an eye out—and unbuttered.

Party Hat

When Frank leads the table to don their party hats, put yours on. Any color is fine and tassels are optional.


Use your bell to answer Frank when he asks, "Did I hear the bell ring?" during the song "Planet Schmanet." A jangly key ring is a good alternative.


In the song "I'm going home," Frank sings the phrase, "cards for sorrow, cards for pain." Throw your cards, of any sort, now. It's probably not a good idea to use your credit cards.

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Y'all, be sure to print out this guide so you know what to bring with you to the film Saturday night (and when to yell). At last year's showing, there were parents bringing their kids (as in young adults) who'd never seen it. The parents know what to do, and the kids were trying to follow along. It was great to watch!


Oh, if anybody else has tips that didn't make it on this list (where to yell certain stuff, for instance), please feel free to add it in. (A new twist on citizen journalism, eh?)


Okay, in the driving in the rain scene, it's very important to wave your arms from left to right, in time with the screen, and yell asshole/slut...asshole/slut.....


And if you need a quick preview of the movie... http://www.angryalien.com/0705/rhpsbuns.asp By Bunnies!

Lady Havoc


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