[New Releases] Scarlet Speedster "Scarlet Speedster"

Scarlet Speedster — "Scarlet Speedster"

Scarlet Speedster's self-titled six-song EP, recently released on local Popaholic Records, demonstrates the band's ability to stand out from the crowd. Younger fans will immediately associate Speedster's sound with the likes of Interpol and Snow Patrol, while older fans are more likely to recognize some of the band's influences like Depeche Mode, The Smiths and perhaps a hint of Roxy Music. The lead vocals, shared equally by all three members, lend that Morrissey/Robert Smith/Dave Gahan thing that ties the whole goth-rock sound together.

Most of the songs on the EP have dark undertones, they are all well-crafted, melodically pleasing pop songs. Computer-generated echoes and beats are the basis for Scarlet Speedster's signature sound, but they don't overwhelm you because live instrumentation balances it out.

There is real musicianship among the members of Scarlet Speedster, and solid songwriting. It is refreshing to find local musicians willing to break out of the mold and do music they love rather than what they think will please the masses.
— Andi Agnew


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