Lesbian Grandmothers From Mars

When I first heard about the Lesbian Grandmothers from Mars, I thought I'd been missing out on a wonderful D-grade horror film. Little did I know these two women were much, much cooler (and there ain't a lot in my world better than bad horror). The Lesbian Grandmothers from Mars consist of two women, Carrie Ross-Stone and Elisia Ross-Stone. Together they make up Rainbow Law, a firm dedicated to providing advocacy, information and educational services to the gay community.

In most places in this country, LGBT couples are not afforded the same safety and rights given to heterosexual married couples, a problem that has only grown worse after six years of the current administration's jihad against the rights of homosexual couples. Like it or not, gay couples do live and love each other in this country, and they often find it difficult to find ways to protect their families, children and partners in times of crisis, such as death, divorce and major medical problems. Rainbow Law provides these couples with legal services and advice during these times.

Carrie wears the lawyer hat in this partnership, while Elisia fulfills paralegal duties. Their union is one of both utility and love. Together with their family of three children, two grandchildren (and two dogs), they have more than 18 years experience in the area of LGBT relationship and estate planning.

They are both so passionately committed to this cause that a documentary, aptly named "Lesbian Grandmothers from Mars," was made about their 3,800 mile bike trip across the country to rally support for same-sex marriage. This documentary follows them from San Francisco to New York City as they advocate for the right to marry the person they love. Through the bike trip, they simply wanted to prove that LGBT couples are not "aliens," they say. They are not out to destroy "traditional families" or ask for anything more than their equal civil marriage rights.

The documentary "Lesbian Grandmothers from Mars" plays Wednesday, Oct. 11, at 7 p.m., so drop this paper and run to the Millsaps Academic Complex #215, at 1701 State St. General admission is $5. If you miss the documentary, visit Rainbow Law at their Web site, at http://www.rainbowlaw.com, or call 1-800-891-8191. You can find more information at http://www.lesbiangrandmothersfrommars.com

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thanks for the mention, missedthe movie. saw the website, cute couple, nicekids, like people i know. wish they lived here. but couples just like them do. hurray


sunshine, I didn't have the opportunity to meet them last year but I hear they're incredible women that are completely dedicated to helping others gain equality under the law. We definitely plan to have them back for some legal workshops within the year.



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