Ripa Vs. Aiken

We are all made of stars.

Fine. I admit it. I watched Regis and Kelly and The View. I'm drawn to celebrity feud like Godiva and Elvis Merlot. It makes me laugh, it humbles me and it makes me feel like I'm a celebrity too since we all screw up sometimes.

And you know what? I'm kind of loving Kelly Ripa. I believe it's NEVER okay to shush the leading lady, even if she is the lead AND she's a lady. But that's just me. Rosie's view was Kelly's reaction was somewhat homophobic. Would Kelly have reacted if Mario Lopez had shushed her? I can't say. But I do know that I'm a stickler for manners, and Clay honey, that was just tacky, tacky, tacky. You know better.

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I wouldn't want anyone's smelly hand over my mouth either, but I'd rather deal with something like that as privately as possible. I don't like having a lot of folks in my business. Guess I beeter not ever become famous, huh? I rarely watch Regis, and I haven't set eyes on The View since Star's last day there. I tune in to Rachael Ray now. (It used to be Judge Judy until they moved it.)



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