New David Banner Album

Jackson native David Banner's album debuted in the top 10 this week. Every copy of the album comes with UmixIt software, right on the disc, giving fans the ability to remix the album's hit "Play" and create a version all their own. They can throw in new samples, play new instruments, add a whole new verse with their own lyrics, or just rap along.

That means just this week all 90,000 people that bought the album got a copy of their own personal home studio and can produce remixes in their own basements. It's the only album on the charts that has anything like it, and it's amazing that something so useful is packaged free with a release.

"As a producer and artist, I've had the chance to work with the most talented hip hop artists in the business. What I love about UmixIt is the chance to let others share the magic of making music."

For more background on UmixIt in general there's some comprehensive info here: http://umixit.com/faq.html


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