Lott: $50 Million Temporary Katrina Recovery Jobs

[September 2, 2005/verbatim] Pascagoula, Mississippi — Federal grant funding totaling $50 million is being awarded to the state of Mississippi, specifically to hire temporary workers for ongoing hurricane recovery and rebuilding efforts, U.S. Senator Trent Lott said today, following notification by U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao.

"This funding will help us expedite Mississippi's recovery efforts, and I'm confident that it will be well used," Senator Lott said. "The devastation of Hurricane Katrina is unprecedented, but together we can and will rebuild. The more hands we have to clean debris, distribute supplies and help each other, the faster Mississippians will be able to resume some type of normal life."

Secretary Chao stated:

"Many Mississippians are missing a paycheck because their place of employment has shut down or they can't earn a living because of their business or livelihood has been devastated. This $50 million National Emergency Grant will create approximately 10,000 temporary jobs so Mississippians can help in the cleanup and recovery of their communities and earn a paycheck, too."

Almost $17 million will be released immediately with the remainder being released in increments as the recovery progresses. The funding is applicable in the 52 Mississippi counties which were designated disaster areas prior to Hurricane Katrina's landfall.

The package will be administered through the Mississippi Department of Employment Security.

"On behalf of all Mississippians, I thank Secretary Chao for her aggressive action," Senator Lott concluded. "This is the type of decisive leadership that will help the Gulf Coast recover and rebuild. This program will be a very welcome tool as thousands of Mississippians consider the daunting task of cleaning up in Katrina's wake."

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