JFP Index: Hell Hath No Fury

• Peak winds of Hurricane Katrina when it made landfall: 150 mph

• Estimated number of buildings along Gulf Coast that have been totally
destroyed: 90%

• Approximate precipitation along Hurricane Katrina's path: 10-15 in.
• Rank of Hurricane Katrina in intensity at landfall among all hurricanes since
1851: 3 (only the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 and Hurricane Camille in 1969 were more intense)
• Estimated damage caused by Hurricane Katrina: $20 to $65 billion
• Maximum number of people in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida
without power by Aug. 30: 5 million
• Minimum confirmed death toll for Mississippi as of Aug. 31: 110
• Minimum confirmed death toll for Harrison County as of Aug. 31: 100
• Number who died in the collapsed Quiet Water Beach Apartments in Biloxi: at least 30
• Factor by which Joe Spraggins, civil defense director for Harrison County, expects casualty numbers to increase: "double or triple"
• Number of people rescued along the Gulf Coast by the Coast Guard: 1,200
• Number of casualties Mayor Ray Nagin estimated for New Orleans: "Minimum, hundreds. Most likely, thousands."
• Size of one gap in New Orleans' floodwall: 200 ft.
• Reduction in spending on hurricane preparedness for New Orleans from 2001 to 2005: $65 million
• Estimated number of New Orleans residents without automobiles: 100,000
• Lowest-lying area of New Orleans: Lower Ninth Parish
• Poverty rate of New Orleans' Lower Ninth Parish as of 2000: 36.4%
• Total number of National Guard troops activated in Mississippi and Louisiana by Aug. 30: 4,350
• Total number of National Guard troops from Mississippi and Lousiana currently serving in Iraq: 6,000
• Total number of National Guard troops activated by Aug. 31: 21,000
• Liters of water delivered to the Gulf Coast by Aug. 31: 13.4 million
Pounds of ice and water delivered to one Mississippi site by Convoy of Hope: 160,000
• Minimum number of refugees housed in shelters: 72,000
• Total capacity of American Red Cross Field Kitchens en route to disaster areas: 500,000 meals per day
• Combined donations to American Red Cross and Salvation Army as of Aug. 31: $25 million
• Total number of tropical storms and hurricanes in a typical year: 16
• NOAA forecast of total number of tropical storms and hurricanes for 2005: 27 to 32
• Number of months remaining in 2005 hurricane season: 3

Sources: NOAA, NASA, AP, NY Times, Reuters, USA Today, 2000 US Census
— Compiled and photographed by Brian Johnson


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