[New Releases] Ladytron "Witching Hour"

Ladytron — "Witching Hour" Just a few years ago, Electroclash was king, and Ladytron was its queen. "Light and Magic," released in late 2002, was a defining moment in the genre and a positive step forward from Ladytron's debut. Now, the rage is retro-flavored indie powerpop with a twist, e.g. Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party. Ladytron have taken this cue and with their latest, "Witching Hour," have not only matched wits with the hype but have surpassed its fickle expectations. This record is a dense exercise in shoegaze, dreampop and electro and shows the band fully evolving into their own. It's the best of Xmal Deutschland, Curve, The Heart Throbs, Lush and Lene Lovich all rolled into one. Let's just say this is their best album ever. It RAWKS and is another best-of contender for 2005.


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