NFL Girls Gone Sleazy, Part 3

The lawyer for one of the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders arrested in a Tampa nightclub last week says his client wasn't having sex with the other cheerleader prior to the bathroom brawl that made the two women the most famous ex-cheerleaders in the NFL and earned them an offer to pose for Penthouse. But the woman who was slugged by one of the cheerleaders says the two were in a "compromising position." The slugee says she wasn't the woman who yelled at the two for taking so damn long. Whatever. Besides, the police say the women weren't arrested for having sex in a public bathroom, they were arrested for being drunk and disorderly and giving the police somebody else's driver's license. Namely, the driver's license of Doctor S' new best friend, Kristen Thomas (right). Kristen's daddy will only say, "It's pretty obvious you can look at those pictures that were arrested and it's not her." Study this photo carefully.


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