[Stiggers] The Michael Moore Of The Ghetto

The Bootleg Low Power Television Network presents "Wee Hour Conversations by the Stove in Grandma Pookie's Kitchen with Ghetto Economist Pookie Peterz."

Pookie: "Greetings, Nite Owls! Welcome to the warmest place on television. My special guest is filmmaker, political activist and Ghetto Media Mogul Kunta 'Rasheed X' Toby. He's here to talk about his upcoming documentary 'Holly-Weird: Keeping the Minds of the People Stuck on Stupid Stuff.' Bruh Kunta, could you give the viewers a brief synopsis of your long-titled film?"

Kunta: "While thousands of people die in a war, others suffer the side effects of deadly medications and the ramifications of environmental alterations. This nation weathered three hurricanes that ravaged the Gulf Coast while forest fires barbequed the West Coast. Now folk talk about how 'loose lips sink ships' as the 'House' stands in denial. Will the newly appointed Supreme Court justices serve just us, themselves or everybody? And as prices soar higher than the American eagle, will inflation explode into a depression as a cold front comes this winter in America? As these thoughts and questions swirl around in our subconscious minds, our unconscious minds stay stuck on stupid stuff such as celebrity trivia and staged reality TV on BET, MTV and VH1. Like Humpty from Digital Underground said, 'It's all around the world the same song!'"

Pookie: "Whoomp, there it is, from the Michael Moore of the Ghetto. Bruh Kunta, I hear Grandma Pookie yellin': 'You're runnin' up my energy bill, Pookie!' Goodnight!"

Ken Stiggers is a TV producer in Jackson and co-host of The Lyric Lounge Thursday nights at Santiago's.


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