Crystal Carter


One trip to Emory School University of Atlanta was a lifetime experience for 16-year-old Jacksonian Crystal Carter. The Jim Hill High School junior was qualified as an attendee for the 10-day National Forum on Medicine because of her high PSAT score.

This kind of experience is perfect for Carter, who plans to become an obstetrician gynecologist.

"I want to help the whole person—physically, mentally and spiritually," she says with a big smile.

"The main reason I want to become a doctor is Jesus," she says. "He was a healer, and I figure I can pattern my life after him in some way."

Carter is already really involved in church. She serves as the assistant clerk of Turning Point Mission Center, where her step-dad also serves as pastor. She sings in the church choir and teaches the Saturday children's school.

She's also a knock-out in academics. This year she is serving in the after-school tutoring program, Up from the Ashes. She was recently inducted into the math club, Mu Alpha Theta, at Jim Hill.
This summer she attended Tougaloo's SLAM (science, language and math program). She placed first in chemistry, first in language arts and second in statistics. She has also earned tons of subject awards during her high school career.

Carter wants to attend Tougaloo College for her undergraduate degree. For medical school she either wants to attend Emory or Brown. After that path, she wants to practice in Paris. It just so happens, French is her favorite language, and she speaks it fluently.

But what she really wants to do is help victims of AIDS.

"I would really like to help and give my time to developing some sort of drugs that cure AIDS patients. And maybe start some sort of fund to help patients afford these medicines because they are so expensive," she says.

Carter knows she is going to keep people as her focus. Money is not the reason why she is becoming a doctor. She will say a prayer every time before she performs surgery: "It's not me doing the surgery and operation. It's God."

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Crystal, you are an awesome individual, but don't stay in Paris too long! We need you here.



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