[Jacktown] Taking The Gloves Off

Everyone and their mother has discussed the recent face-to-face boxing match between T.I. and Lil Flip. To make matters worse, T.I. recently appeared on Atlanta's 107.9 and confirmed that a physical confrontation took place. As farfetched as this whole scenario appears, a videotape of the event also exists. Who won? Let's just say Lil Flip may want to go the LL Cool J route and take some karate lessons.

A Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice, citing the "Son of Sam Law," recently froze all the profits from Jamal "Shyne" Barrow's album "Godfather: Buried Alive." Under New York law, convicted offenders are barred from profiting from crimes they have committed. The court ruled that any money Shyne makes from his deal with Island Def Jam must be held in an escrow account. To date, several victims of a 1999 club shooting that left several people wounded have filed lawsuits.

U.S. Supreme Court justices in the peer-to-peer file sharing case against Grokster appear hesitant to restrict the technology. On March 29, the Court debated the pros and cons of restricting file sharing programs Grokster and StreamCast's Morpheus. A decision may be reached by the time you read this. The software providers were sued by MGM Studios for copyright infringement. This is different from the Napster case. I won't bore you with the details, but if the judges do rule against Grokster, it could really curtail the development of Internet technology across the board for a long time. Note to the justices: I have absolutely no faith in you, but good luck anyway.

I have been stopped a lot lately by people asking me about the story I did on Donnie Cross. People have been asking me exactly at whom his single "I'm a Hater" is directed. Someone even suggested that the song was directed at Boo Da Boss Playa or David Banner. I actually asked Cross that same question. His response? "You tell me."

Speaking of Boo Da Boss Playa, his album entitled "One Life One Love" is slated to be released on J Records this summer. My sources at J actually allowed me a sneak peek. This project may be Boo's best offering to date.

A few weeks ago representatives from the Tim Westwood show dropped in on Jackson and interviewed some of our local favorites for the widely popular U.K. show. You can actually hear the interviews and material from some of the artists if you visit timwestwood.com.

DJ Phingaprint's latest mixtape: "Street Corner Radio Volume 2," hosted by Exit Only, should be hitting the streets very soon. Reports are that the deejay is making some final adjustments on the project, so be on the look for it. It features materials the hottest acts in the state alongside some national exclusives.

Lastly, I want to congratulate David Banner. Banner had a cover story in Fader Magazine recently. He talked a little about his new project "Certified" and his plans for the future. Holla.


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