[Jacktown] Rumors and Beefs of Summer, by Alphonso Mayfield

Jackson, it's been a long, hot summer. There have been two problems plaguing our fair Jackson streets this summer. One is the total lack of new music coming from Jacktown artists lately. The second problem is that music news around the state has been slower than a Maxwell album screwed. Most of those highly anticipated albums that should have dropped already are still being retooled with new material being constantly added. So, we wait.

Unless you've been under a rock then you would have surely heard that Kamikaze recently shot his video in Jackson for "U Aint Hard." The video will contain cameos from the usual cast of characters including all your Jackson favorites. Expect the clip to be popping up on BET's "Uncut" pretty soon.

Speaking of signing rumors, Kamikaze is rumored to be possibly signing to Smoke D's label Guerilla Family Music. Of course, this comes on the heels of his video shoot and the release of his long-delayed project. There have also been rumors circulating that Kamikaze would be joining his former Crooked Lettaz rhyme partner at SRC Universal. However, at this time that seems to be a long shot.

David Banner is also reportedly in the studio recording another Firewater Boys Album. Details on who exactly he's supposed to be working with are sketchy at this time, but rumor has it he wants to have a good showing after the lackluster sales of his sophomore album.

One artist Banner has worked with lately is G-Unit member and Nashville aka Cashville native Young Buck. Banner produced the song "Welcome To The South," which features Lil Flip, for Buck's Interscope Debut "Straight Outta Cashville."

Another juicy tidbit is the rumored diss by the King of Canton Boo Da Boss Playa on a mixtape recently aimed at David Banner. I don't know the origin of this acrimony, but lyrically Boo's sites seemed aimed at him. However, I have also heard that the two have squashed their differences, but be on the look-out for that one.

While we are on the topic of beefs, of course, currently incarcerated T.I. has been in a verbal back and forth with Lil Flip. The origin of this squabble apparently comes from Flip recently anointing himself the King of the South on several mixtapes popping up around the South. Well T.I. didn't take too kindly and freestyle-ripped Flip on June 19 at a concert in ATL during 107.9's annual Monster-Mas concert. Yeah, he is in prison but he received special permission to perform at this concert. Flip promptly responded with a freestyle on the "Tim Westwood Morning Show" on BBC Radio 1.

Lately there have been swirls of rumors around the music industry all speculating about the recently retired Jay Z starting a new label entitled S. Carter Records. Yeah, that's a little vain but to each his own. Anyway, all signs point to yes as Jay Z has been rumored to be signing a multimillion-dollar deal with Warner Music resulting in a reunion with longtime friend and former Def Jam boss Lyor Cohen. I bring this up because there are several artists who Jigga has reportedly expressed interest in signing. One of those individuals is Foxy Brown. The other artist is a notable underground southern cat. Who is he? I can't say right now but check with me next month.

Unless you have been in a coma for the last month, you have to know by now that Vibe Magazine recently visited our fair city for a fashion photo spread. What you may not know is that Ambassador Way Entertainment recording artists Frog The Dragoon and Exit Only participated in the shoot as featured models.

Lastly, if you haven't already, go to your music store to pick up the new mixtape by Chamillionare entitled "Mixtape Messiah." The mix tape is a stunning three-disc set with the Color Changing Lizard going off on a host of topics including his dislike for other artists.

Send tapes and info to Jacktown, JFP, P.O. Box 2047, Jackson, Miss., 39225.


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