Compilation DVD forthcoming from WARP Records!

It appears the DVD music video market just got a bit more interesting, as WARP Records has recently announced that a collection of music videos is slated for SEPTEMBER 21st release. Although the music artists on the WARP roster are creative in their own right, the directors of their videos take things to a whole new level of bizarre. The most noteworthy is Chris Cunningham, who recently released a DVD of his video creations as a part of Palm Pictures Directors Series [along with Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry]. Cunningham has a way of making nightmarish images appear somewhat fallible and humorous, but certainly no less surreal. In fact, all the directors on this video collection add bits of their own unique takes on humanity to augment the more organic aspects of the electronic soundscapes contained therein. Tracklisting includes...

[01] Sweet Exorcist- "Testone" [Martin Wallace & JarvisCocker/1990]
[02] LFO- [LFO/1991]
[03] Nightmares on Wax- "Aftermath" [Jarvis Cocker/1991]
[04] Aphex Twin- "On" [Jarvis Cocker/1993]
[05] I Smell Quality- [David Slade/1994]
[06] LFO- "Tied Up" [David Slade/1994]
[07] Sabres of Paradise- "Wilmot" [Douglas Hart/1994]
[08] Seefeel- "Fracture" [Seefeel/1994]
[09] Aphex Twin- "Donkey Rhubarb" [David Slade/1995]
[10] Autechre- "Second Bad Vilbel" [Chris Cunningham/1995]
[11] Aphex Twin- "Come To Daddy [Directors Cut]" [Chris Cunningham/1997]
[12] Squarepusher- "Come on My Selector" [Chris Cunningham/1997]
[13] Jimi Tenor- "Midsummers Night" [Tenor and Sàkà Kaukoranta/1998]
[14] Aphex Twin- "Windowlicker [Directors cut]" [Chris Cunningham/1999]
[15] Jimi Tenor- "Total Devastation" [Jimi tenor and Sàkà Kaukoranta/1999]
[16] Broadcast- "Papercuts" [Barback/2000]
[17] Jamie Lidell- "Daddys Car" [Frederic D/2000]
[18] John Callaghan- "I'm Not Comfortable Inside My Mind" [John Callaghan/2000]
[19] Antipop- "Perpendicular-Vector" [Caliber 16-Marcus Wambsganss/2001]
[20] Plaid- "Eyen" [Jean Luc-Chansay/2001]
[21] Antipop- "Ghostlawns" [Carlos Arias/2002]
[22] Autechre- "Gantz Graf" [Alex Rutterford/2002]
[23] Aphex Twin- "Nannou" [Laurent Briet/2003]
[24] Chris Clark- "Gob Coitus" [Lynn Fox/2003]
[25] LFO- "Freak [Directors Cut]" [Daniel Levi/2003]
[26] Luke Vibert- "I Love Acid" [Delicious 9/2003]
[27] Mira Calix- "Little Numba [CR vid]" [Sam Tootal/2003]
[28] Plaid- "Itsu" [Pleix/2003]
[29] Prefuse 73- "Half Of What [CR vid]" [2003]
[30] Vasarelly- "tDR" [2003]

For more information on this release or the music artists featured, go to Warp Records.


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