LBE in the World Series, by Jessica Kinnison

On the corner of 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville, on July 22, Jackson's own Living Better Electrically will play for the title of top independent act in the Southeast. They will be compete in a showcase against five other finalists in the Independent Music World Series. TAXI, a leading record company in the indie industry, narrowed the field down from 1,000 submissions to 100 semifinalists, and the editors of Billboard magazine chose the final six. Music industry executives and media will judge the final.

Disc Makers will make a compilation CD for the Southeast region, made up of music from the finalists, which will be given to industry professionals, radio stations and record stores. Chris Michaels, who plays keys and guitars and provides vocals for LBE, said that the band had entered the contest after he had seen it in a newsletter. "I had forgotten that I had even done it; someone directed me to a link that said we were a semifinalist, and then finalists. It was kind of a fluke."

LBE will also compete for a $35,000 prize package filled with everything from promotional posters from Disc Makers to a complete CD manufacturing package. The IMWS showcases are open to all genres not currently signed to a major record label. It is designed to increase the fan base of independent artists because these artists "keep the industry energized and thriving," says Tony van Veen, Disc Makers vice president, in a press statement.

"We find it a little funny (and) don't take it too seriously," Michaels said about the contest. "We are going to have a good time hanging out in Nashville and perform our best."

The Southeastern Independent Music World Series takes place once and year and bands can enter throughout the year and get more info at :


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