Herman's Picks: July 8-14, 2004

The Bold New City is undergoing its own sort of VH1 Classic Reunion this week. Nostalgia go boom, and get you ready for the new W.C. Don's. You can rotate from Soulshine to Hal & Mal's to Martin's; to the rest of the Martin's building, in the new two-story, multi-room cool hang-out of W.C. Don's.

If you missed Flinghammer last week you get to relive another Don's favorite with The Windbreakers on Saturday, July 10, 8 p.m. at Hal & Mal's. They will be opening for the mod rockabilly, juke honky-tonk yore of ole, Webb Wilder & The Drapes. It's been 22 years since Webb Wilder has joined his old band mates on stage. Their last show was July 4, 1982. They played Malcolm White's Pyramid Club, Spanky's, and The Quarter Note, circa '80-'82. They'll be performing their old material, mostly written by R.S. Field who still produces and writes for Webb Wilder. It'll be hot, rhythm rockin', the Nashville rockabilly Wilder way. The Drapes are Wilder (XM Radio DJ and Idol of Idle Youth), Suzy Elkins (solo), Gene Brandon (Omar & the Howlers), Bruce Tinnin (solo bluegrasser), Mark Hagg (Twanglers/T-Bone Pruitt/The Hounds/ George St. Jams), and Rick "Casper" Rawls (Toni Price/LeRoi Brothers). In their own immortal words, "Get behind the Drapes."
You have several sweet choices for Friday, July 9. If not the comedy stylings of Bobcat Goldthwaite at Rascal's, you have five all-age's bands to check out at Horizon Community Church for fans of everything from indie, emo to hardcore punk. If you haven't heard the local classic 93.9 alt. rockers Simply Human yet, you should. These Clinton kids are making noise regionally now, with a very professional sound, (a la Creed, Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, 3 Doors Down) leaving battle of the band fodder in their wake. Their first album is in BeBop now, with second on the way, and their senior member at 20, still isn't legal to play the big clubs.

The choice national act for Friday is the Houston, Texas, band, The Scattered Pages at Martins. They are prime indie-pop gems with a touch of Elephant 6 style of '60s influenced retro-indie-psych-pop. They mix the Belle & Sebastian catchy melodies with the whimsy of Olivia Tremor Control in sweet Mellotron goodness. They do a sweet version of "Candy Says" by The Velvets. If you like great indie pop music, ANY Elephant 6 band, or "Village Green" Kinks, make sure you're at Martin's Friday.


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