Slam Poets Organize Against Bush

[Verbatim] Coming off the heels of the their hugely successful Rhyme Night showcase series, Contrabandit.com has been recruited by Slam Bush PAC and the Indy Voter PAC to organize Slam Bush, a nationwide MC battle and poetry slam series created to empower the hip-hop generation to take a stand against President George W. Bush. Starting in August, Slam Bush events will be taking place in important battle ground states to set the stage for political organizers to register thousands of Hip-Hop fans for the November 2nd election.

Cs and/or poets from local events held throughout the country will have an opportunity to compete at the National Slam Bush Championship in Miami, Florida. The culminating event is scheduled to coincide with the first presidential debate in late September. Those unable to make local events will also be able to join the festivities by participating online at http://www.slambush.net

"Slam Bush is an opportunity for the Hip-Hop generation to use its own voice to stand up against George W. Bush," said organizer Rob "biko" Baker. "For years Hip-Hop has been an informal political voice, now it's time to show we can make change at the polls."

Along with representatives from Contrabandit.com, Public Enemy front man Chuck D, Lyricist Lounge alum Wordsworth and West Coast underground veteran Medusa have been recruited to judge the events. Additionally, many of Hip-Hop's most important political activists, including Davey D, Baye Adolfo-Wilson, Fahiym Ratcliffe, Jeff Chang and Malia Lazu are involved with steering the project.

For more information on how to participate and/or organize an event hit up http://www.slambush.net or contact Robert "biko" Baker at 213-925-1545 or [email protected]


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