Documents for April 2013


Finance report for Harvey Johnson, Jr. - 4/30/13

Mayor Harvey Johnson, Jr.'s campaign finance report filed 4/30/2013.

Jonathan Lee's Finance Report - 4/30/13

Jonathan Lee's campaign finance report for 2013 through April 30

MPI Lawsuit Diversey

Lawsuit brought against MPI by Diversey, Inc. in December of 2012.

MPI Default Motion - Filter Specialists

Default judgement against MPI for Filter Specialists in State of Indiana.

COMSTATE - 4/21/13

COMSTAT crime statistics from April 21-April 25, 2013.

3M v. Mississippi Products Inc.

3M's complaint against Mississippi Products Inc.

Judgments Against Mississippi Products Inc.

An anonymous source sent this packet of documents detailing four default judgments against Mississippi Products Inc.

Lee Statement About Default Judgments

Jonathan Lee issued this statement on April 24, 2013, about defaults judgments against his family business.

Secretary of State filings for Mississippi Products Inc.

Filings for Mississippi Products Inc. with the Mississippi Secretary of State's office.

Pitt Plastics v. Mississippi Products Inc.

Pitt Plastics' complaint against Mississippi Products Inc.

Georgia Pacific v. Mississippi Products Inc.

Georgia Pacific's complaint against Mississippi Products Inc.

Jonathan Lee's Plan

A 14-page plan for Jackson from mayoral candidate Jonathan Lee, released April 10, 2013.

COMSTAT - 4/9/13

Numbers released from the Jackson Police Department on 4/9/13.

Letter to the White House

Letter to the White House

Fayette County, Tenn. Comptroller's Audit

Tennessee comptroller's audit of Fayette County government and schools.

Secretary of State's Letter to Terri Herring

Letter from the Mississippi Secretary of State's office to Terri Herring requesting she register as a lobbyist, per state law. Dated March 6, 2013.

Terri Herring's Lobbyist Registration Form

Terri Herring's Mississippi Lobbyist Registration form, dated March 13, 2013, effective Jan. 1, 2013.