Documents for July 2012


JFP Chick Ball Auction Guide 2012

chick ball guide 2012


The results for Mississippi in the annual Kids Count survey were mixed.

Sales Tax Holiday 2012

Sales Tax Holiday 2012

CBO Letter: Cost of ACA Repeal

CBO Letter to House Speaker John Boehner suggests that repealing ACA would increase the deficit.

Glover Stands With Nissan Workers

Danny Glover came to Canton, Miss., in July 2012 to show solidarity with Nissan workers.

Sandy Middleton on Why Chick Ball Matters

Sandy Middleton describes the work of the Center for Violence Prevention, how much the JFP Chick has helped and why this year's focus is sexual assault.

How to Donate to JFP Chick Ball

Print this flyer to hand out to potential donors to the JFP Chick Ball or hang in your business. (We suggest pink paper!)

The Challenge of Obtaining Voter Identification

The Challenge of Obtaining Voter Identification

JPD Crime Stats

JPD Crime Stats.

UAW Principles

UAW's Preable and Principles.

Hinds Board of Supervisors Agenda, July 16, 2012

The full agenda for the July 16, 2012, Hinds County Board of Supervisors meeting in the Chancery Court building.

Blind Trust Documents

An exchange of letters between Attorney General Jim Hood and Governor Haley Barbour concerning the governor's blind trust.

Jordan Order

Judge Dan Jordan's order allowing Mississippi's sole abortion clinic to stay open.

New Miss. Abortion Clinic Regulations

The Mississippi State Department of Health issued new abortion-clinic rules July 11, 2012. The first page includes the new rules; the second page details the changes.

An Overview of Health Reform

Policy brief taking a look at the Affordable Care Act, specifically looking at a comparison for Mississippi.

Affordable Care Act: Providing Opportunities for Mississippi's Children and Families

Analysis of ACA focusing on children and families.

SPLC Letter to Ag Museum re Ceara Sturgis

The SPLC wrote a demand letter to the Mississippi Museum of Agriculture and Forestry on behalf of couple Ceara Sturgis and Emily Key.

Mind Map

This is a mind map that Latasha Willis designed to go with the story "Map It Out."

Mind Map

This is a mind map plan that was designed by Latasha Willis to go with the story "Map It Out".


Disabled-rights advocacy groups sued the Mississippi Department of Education.

Operation Firecracker

An after-action report on JPD's July 4-7, 2012, "Operation Firecracker" special operation.

City Council Agenda 7/10/12

Jackson City Council Agenda for the regular meeting 7/10/12. The Council will hold the meeting in City Hall at 10 a.m.

Olivia Y vs. Haley Barbour

Amended Complaint 2004 Olivia Y v Haley Barbour

JPS Sex Ed Policy

The Jackson Public Schools' sexual-education curriculum.

Iron Horse Plans

Financial plans and artist's drawings of Iron Horse Grill/Mississippi Music Experience

Iron Horse 1

Artist drawings and financial information of Iron Horse Grill/ Mississippi Music Experience project.

County Line Map

Jackson Public Works Department's map of plans for County Line Road.

SOS on "Limited Response" to Voter ID Call

A statement from the Mississippi secretary of state's office announcing a limited response to its call for people needing voter IDs.

Letter from DOJ to Mississippi re voter ID

This letter from the Department of Justice demanded more information from Mississippi in order for the new voter ID law to be enforceable.

MAC Grants 2012

July 2, 2012: The Mississippi Arts Commission awarded $1.5 million in grants.

TRO Blocking Abortion Clinic Closure

Judge Dan Jordan's temporary restraining order keeping Mississippi's only abortion clinic open until at least July 11, 2012.