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Jessie Daniels’ ‘Nice White Ladies’ Sparks Discussion About Race, Privilege In Jackson

Louwanda Evans, who said she was one of two Black women on faculty at the private college in downtown Jackson, said her daily encounters with race complicated her reading of the book. “I’m surrounded by ‘nice, white ladies’ all the time,” Evans remarked. “I have a hard time making friends. It’s hard for me to trust white women.”

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What Makes a Man: Alfred Nicols Rethinks a Southern Man’s Duty in ‘Lost Love’s Return’

In Mississippi author Alfred Nicols’s “Lost Love’s Return,” the return is all the sweeter for the loss, as Nicols spins a tale of World War I sweethearts separated by illness, scheming lovers and the Atlantic Ocean.

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UPDATED: In-Person Mississippi Book Festival Cancelled, Tentative Virtual Watchlist

The annual Mississippi Book Festival features panel discussions, book signings and sales, food trucks and more.

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An Examination of ‘The Last Soul Company: The Malaco Records Story’

Malaco Records's success was synonymous with the success of its Black artists, who pioneered the stylings and sounds that helped the label stay afloat even during the rocky years when disco dominated the charts.

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Two Sisters, Redemption and Regret: ‘The Gravedigger’s Guild’

Susan Farris' debut novel, cleverly set over a period of three days, allows readers to witness the deaths and subsequent resurrections of the long-diseased relationships in the Matins family, which take center stage in "The Gravedigger's Guild" following the death of its matriarch, Alice Matins.

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A Mother’s Advice: Irma Mae Rogers on ‘Mother Wit’

Irma Mae Rogers became a mother at the age of 15, and she shares the lessons she learned along her journey (many of them the hard way) in her book "Mother Wit," which local editor Meredith McGee published.

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‘Brown Money’ Introduces Black Children to Economics and Potential Careers

"Brown Money," Warn Wilson Jr.'s first children's book, is his first attempt to share information with young people about careers in STEM areas—science, technology, engineering and math.

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Privilege and the High Cost of Being a ‘Fortunate One’

In a narrative that smacks of privilege while also reckoning with its insidiousness, Ed Tarkington spins a southern yarn about manhood, family and desire in his latest book, "The Fortunate Ones."

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Transforming Ourselves During Times of Crisis

Erica Quinn Thompson, co-founder of the Magnolia Medical Foundation, released a daily devotional titled "The Transforming: 31 Days of Process for Purpose" in January to help others navigate circumstances over which they have no control.

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Katy Simpson Smith on ‘The Everlasting’

Jackson native Katy Simpson Smith's third novel "The Everlasting" is, at its core, a centuries-long story of love and equality. Four distinct characters, separated by time, find themselves in precarious tangles with not only the main setting of the novel, Rome, but also within themselves.

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