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Lawmakers Solve Huge Problems Facing the State by Adding 'In God We Trust' to Seal

Soon, Mississippi's worst-in-the-nation status for everything from obesity to gun deaths to 4th graders being able to spell their own names will be wiped away thanks to an effort now underway in the Legislature.

This morning, the state Senate passed a bill to add the words "In God We Trust" to the state seal, which now just says some junk in Latin or Greek or whatever language it is Ivy League eggheads talk.

The proposal, Senate Bill 2681, which is almost sure to turn around the state's mind-boggling child poverty rate by as early as next Monday morning, also ensures that that the government cannot interfere with Mississippians' right to exercise their religion. The U.S. Constitution has protected that right for almost 240 years, but everybody knows it doesn't really count until the Mississippi state Legislature says so.

SB 2681 now heads over to the House for consideration.


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