State Supe Releases Annual Report

State superintendent Dr. Carey Wright released http://www.mdek12.org/docs/mississippi-board-of-education-library/mde_superintendent_report_16_printer.pdf?sfvrsn=2">her annual report today, which includes how and where school districts spend their state, federal and local dollars. Data included in that report show that school districts use state funds to operate at least half of their budgets on average, while local and federal funding make up the rest of a district's budget.

In total, 67 percent of all funds (federal, state and local) go toward instructional costs, while a little over 10 percent of that funding goes toward general and school administrative costs. School districts also spend a large chunk of their money on support costs for maintenance and building costs, tech support and transportation, http://www.mdek12.org/docs/mississippi-board-of-education-library/4-charts-federal-state-and-local-sources-revenue-and-expenditures.pdf?sfvrsn=2">the report shows.

The average expenditure per pupil in the 2015-2016 school year was $9,704, Wright's report shows. The average teacher salary was $44,416.

“The report provides evidence that the education reforms and legislative initiatives that have been implemented throughout our state are working,” said Wright said in a press release. “Mississippi students are benefiting from the state’s investment in public education.”

The report also highlights several grants Mississippi received, including a $6.6 million grant for MDE to improve their data system with a focus on evaluation and early learning.

Read the full http://www.jacksonfreepress.com/news/2016/may/11/right-leadership-jfp-interview-dr-carey-wright/">JFP interview with Carey Wright and see http://www.mdek12.org/MBE/R2017.


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