U.S. District Judge: State's Same-Sex Adoption Ban Violates the Equal Protection Clause

A U.S. District Judge ruled Mississippi's adoption ban for same-sex couples unconstitutional http://www.jacksonfreepress.com/news/2016/mar/31/judge-blocks-mississippi-ban-adoption-same-sex-cou/">today. U.S. District Judge Daniel P. Jordan released an order in the Campaign for Southern Equality v. Mississippi Department of Human Services preliminary enjoining MDHS from enforcing Mississippi's same-sex adoption ban.

Jordan dismissed the complaints against the governor and the attorney general in the case, but said that MDHS is involved in the adoption process and therefore responsible for enforcing Mississippi's ban on same-sex couples adopting in the state. Jordan ruled that the ban violates the Equal Protection Clause and ruled that the executive director of MDHS is not allowed to enforce the adoption ban, as of today.

Read the whole order http://www.jacksonfreepress.com/documents/2016/mar/31/order-cse-v-mdhs-case-march-31/">here. Read more about the CSE v. MDHS case http://www.jacksonfreepress.com/news/2015/nov/24/roberta-kaplan-someone-responsible/">here.


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