MAEP Funds Same As Last Year, House Ed Committee Chairman Says

When Rep. Jay Hughes, D-Oxford told him that classroom supply funds at $12 million were $24 million less than they should be as mandated by Mississippi Code, House Education Committee Chairman Rep. John Moore, R-Brandon, told him he wouldn’t “stand there and be attacked.”

“I don’t care about the formula,” he said. “I care about how much we had to appropriate.”

With a vote of 119-2, the House adopted the conference report for HB 1643, which outlines the budget for the Mississippi Department of Education. Though the general education fund falls $398,000 below what it was last year, Moore said, the Mississippi Adequate Education Program or MAEP formula is funded at exactly the same figure it was last year: $2,311,438,000 “and some change.”

Moore also says that the Mississippi School for the Blind and the Mississippi School for the Deaf would operate at a little less than $300,000 than they had last year, but that classroom supply funds and reading coaches funds would not be cut.

Read the legislation and the conference reports http://billstatus.ls.state.ms.us/2016/PDF/history/HB/HB1643.xml">here.


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