City of Jackson Reports Lead Levels Below Legal Limits

Testing on the City of Jackson's water collected from water towers show lead limits that are below the threshold for concern, which city officials say suggests that lead-level problems repeated previously are a problem with the pipes in local homes, not with the distribution system.

Here's the verbatim release:

City’s Water Distribution System Sample Results Below Detection Limit for Lead Results Confirm Earlier Beliefs that Lead Exceedance Is Home-Dependent

The City of Jackson has received 15 drinking water sample results taken from elevated storage tanks in the city’s water distribution system, and all were below the detection limit for lead. Director of Public Works Kishia Powell said the results, received Thursday, April 14, confirm earlier beliefs that the lead exceedance is due to home plumbing and/or the presence of lead service lines.

One storage tank at Mississippi Highway 18 was not tested because it was out of service for routine cleaning. Entry point samples to the water distribution system from the City water treatment facilities and five of six wells showed no detection of lead. The Maddox Road well showed a minimal detection of lead which is believed to be attributable to the sample tap used. It has been confirmed that the sample tap is an old brass fixture containing lead solder on the sample tap, which is NOT in the flow path to the distribution system. The sample tap has been replaced and the lines have been flushed to resample; however, out of an abundance of caution, the well has been taken out of service until a cleared sample is received.

The City’s drinking water has not been deemed unsafe for consumption. However, precautionary measures have been communicated to minimize exposure to lead that may be present in drinking water at the tap. The City is moving forward to meet the requirements of a compliance plan issued by Mississippi State Department of Health, which includes a requirement to optimize corrosion control treatment. The city must improve the alkalinity and pH balance in its drinking water to prevent leaching that is occurring when the water flows through lead plumbing or plumbing that has lead solder.

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