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Same-Sex Couples Apply For Marriage Licenses in Hinds County

Same-Sex Couples applied for marriage licenses this morning at the Hinds County courthouse in Jackson.

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Love + Technology = Mystery

What are the aspects about us that we don't post on social media? It turns out, thankfully, that we don't share everything.

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Faithful Fellow

Joseph Latino is the bishop of the Jackson Catholic Diocese.

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Emily Simmons

At 21 years old, Emily Simmons is making waves with her art. Simmons, a junior at Millsaps College, double-majors in studio art and art history with a concentration in museum studies.

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In Medgar's Driveway

In this country, we have a keen interest in visiting places where famous people died. This is especially true for events of the 1960s: People visit Dallas to see where President Kennedy's enjoyed his final moments before being struck in the back and head. You can visit the Lorraine Motel in Memphis where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot on the balcony. It is now the National Civil Rights Museum (the front of the museum is the same facade as the old motel).

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Real Violence: 50 Years Ago at Woolworth

The Jackson Woolworth sit-in, 50 years ago, forever changed Mississippi's role in the Civil Rights Movement.

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Bank Robbery in Fondren

Jackson Police responded to a bank robbery at 3:14 PM at the Regions Bank on North State Street.

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Fight for Freedom

Joan Trumpauer Mulholland survived the Civil Rights Movement after participating (starting at age 19) in sit-ins, demonstrations and the Freedom Rides of 1961.

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Remembering Eric Smith

Eric T. Smith was always busy. He was a husband, a father and a man who cared about his neighbors.

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Happy Feet

You've mostly likely seen Irish dancing in movies and TV, if not in real life.

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