Meet the Candidates

Photos by Ashton Pittman and Imani Khayyam

Photos by Ashton Pittman and Imani Khayyam


Jim Hood (D)

"Putting Mississippi families first." (website)

Age: 57

Hometown: Houston, Miss.

Occupation: Current attorney general

Website: Hoodforgovernor.com

FB/Twitter: @Hoodforgovernor

Tate Reeves (R)

"Keep Mississippi strong." (website)

Age: 45

Hometown: Florence, Miss.

Occupation: Current lieutenant governor

Website: www.tatereeves.com

FB/Twitter: @tatereeves

Lieutenant Governor

Delbert Hosemann (R)

"Streamlining state government to operate from the citizen up, not bureaucracy down."

Age: 72

Hometown: Vicksburg, Miss.

Occupation: Current Secretary of State

Website: delberthosemann.com

FB/Twitter: @DelbertHosemann

Jay Hughes (D)

"It's all about education."

Age: 56

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Occupation: Representative, Mississippi House

Website: jayformississippi.com

FB/Twitter: @Jay4Mississippi

Attorney General

Jennifer Riley Collins (D)

"I support smart reforms that ensure we prioritize people over prison." (JFP questionnaire)

Age: 53

Hometown: Meridian, Miss.

Occupation: Army colonel; civil rights attorney; former ACLU-Mississippi director

Website: jenniferforag.com

FB/Twitter: @jenniferforag

Lynn Fitch (R)

"A solution-driven conservative with a unique skill set in law, finance, administration and policy" (website)

Age: 57

Occupation: Current Mississippi Treasurer

Website: www.lynnfitchforms.com

FB/Twitter: @LynnFitchforMS

Secretary of State

Michael Watson (R)

"I look forward to bringing my conservative record of consistent success in the Legislature to the Secretary of State's office." (website)

Age: 41

Hometown: Pascagoula

Occupation: Mississippi senator

Website: michaelwatson.ms

FB/Twitter: @MichaelWatsonMS

Johnny DuPree (D)

"It's not enough to dream of a better tomorrow. One must also work towards that better tomorrow." (website)

Age: 65

Hometown: Hattiesburg, Miss.

Occupation: Former Hattiesburg mayor

Website: johnnydupree.com

FB/Twitter: @johnnyldupree


Addie Lee Green (D)

Hometown: Raymond, Miss.

Occupation: Former Bolton 

Website: www.addieleegreen.com/

FB/Twitter: @AddieGreenJMS

Dave McRae (R)

"Outsider. Conservative. Businessman." (Twitter)

Age: 38

Hometown: Ridgeland

Occupation: Attorney; managing partner at McRae Investments

Website: davidmcrae.org

FB/Twitter: @DavidMcRaeMS

Insurance Commissioner

Robert Amos (D)

"I am running for insurance commissioner for all families in Mississippi regardless of political affiliation, race, sexual affiliation or religion." (Meridian Star)

Age: 46

Hometown: Jackson

Occupation: College professor; business owner

Mike Chaney (R)

"Government big enough to give you anything you want is big enough to take away everything you've got." (Neshoba County Fair)

"The aim is to create the highest degree of economic security, quality of life and public safety for citizens at the lowest possible cost." (website)

Age: 75

Hometown: Tupelo, Miss.

Occupation: Current insurance commissioner

FB/Twitter: @electmikechaney

Agriculture Commissioner

Andy Gipson (R)

"We will make sure the future of Mississippi agriculture will remain strong."

Age: 42

Hometown: Brandon, Miss.

Occupation: Current agriculture commissioner; pastor

Website: andygipson.com

FB/Twitter: @CommAndyGipson

Rickey Cole (D)

"Change our food system for the better."

Age: 53

Hometown: Laurel, Miss.

Occupation: Former Mississippi Democratic Party chairman; farmer

Website: cole4foodcommissioner.com

FB/Twitter: @RickeyCole

Jackson Metro

Public Service Commission (Central District)

Brent Bailey (R)

De'Keither Stamps (D)

Trasnportation Commissioner (Central District)

Butch Lee (R)

Willie Simmons (D)

Mississippi Senate District 22

Hayes Dent (R)

Joseph Thomas (D)

House District 56

Philip Gunn (R)

Vicki Slater (D)

House District 64

Bill Denny (R)

Shanda Yates (D)

House District 68

Jon Pond (R)

Zakiya Summers (D)

House District 73

Jill Ford (R)

Gale Walsh Massey (D)


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