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Photo by Amber Helsel.

Whether you like coffee, painting or just need something to put stuff in, mugs can come in pretty handy. Sadly, sometimes they can look a little boring. Why not make them prettier using just a few things you may have lying around the house? Here's an easy DIY if you're feeling a little creative.


Fingernail polish (as many colors as you want)


Disposable container

Tooth picks

Masking tape

Dishwasher-safe acrylic sealer

Sponge brush (optional)


  1. Put hot water in the disposable container.
  2. Tape off the inside and outside of the upper rim of the mug.
  3. Pour the nail polish into the water and swirl colors together.
  4. Dip the mug in the mixture using a circular motion. Do this quickly, as the polish may begin hardening when it touches 
water. If you want to layer colors, just wait a few minutes for the color to dry.
  5. Let the mug dry for a few hours, then apply the sealer with a sponge brush. You can use a paintbrush, but it may leave lines. After the sealer cures for a month, itis dishwasher safe. You can still drink from the mug in the meantime; just donit put it in the dishwasher. When washing it during this time, use warm water and mild dish soap. Keep in mind that over time, the color may fade or get chipped off, even with the sealer.


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