Cups Espresso Cafe Features New Mocktails

Cups' four new mocktails are $5 each.

Cups' four new mocktails are $5 each. Marie Weidmayer

While Cups Espresso Cafe in Fondren has been supplying us with needed caffeine, it's got something new now: a mocktail menu. The four new drinks are $5 each. Barist Lauren Spigner recently walked us through how to make one of them, the Cherry Americola.


Spigner pours dark cherry grenadine into a cup. She says she originally made this drink during college because it had a lot of caffeine to help keep her and her friends awake.


Spigner then pours two shots of espresso fill into the cups. The Cherry Americola mocktail 
features Coca-Cola, a shot of espresso and grenadine.


Spigner pours the espresso and grenadine mixture into a cup of ice before adding the Coke.


The completed Cherry Americola mocktail sits next to the full mocktail menu at Cups in Fondren.

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