2016 Resolutions

The staff at the Jackson Free Press likes to make health initiatives of our own each year, whether it's big weight-loss goals or just simple habit changes to stay in shape. Here are a few examples of what the JFP team hopes to accomplish in the next year.

Melanie Collins: Get back to deep-water aerobics.

Sierra Mannie: My (mental) health resolution is to give up self-doubt.

Zilpha Young: To get to the gym at least four times a week.

R.L. Nave: Find a happy medium between eating nothing at all and eating all the bacon cheeseburgers.

Arielle Dreher: Only order takeout once a week. (Note: Thai food does not equal takeout.)

Amber Helsel: Eat cleaner.

Maya Miller: Take Magnolia Meltdown training seriously and eat less processed food.

Mary Osborne: My health resolution is to implement more vegetarian dishes into my diet.

Kristin Brenemen: Water. Actually drink it. Actually drink it in its non-caffeinated, non-fermented form.

Donna Ladd: Stay the course on diet and exercise and lose eight more pounds. And do more yoga.


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