How to Be a Death Eater

Photo by Amber Helsel.

If you've seen the "Harry Potter" movies and read the books, you probably know how bad Lord Voldemort's followers, the Death Eaters, are. But what better day of the year to play the villain than Halloween? Here's a how-to on a Death Eater mask plus some costume tips.

What You Need

Plain white mask

Sanding paper


Silver and gold acrylic paint


Hole puncher


Sand the plastic mask down to create a surface for the paint to stick to.

Using the silver, paint one coat on the mask, let it dry and then add another. Keep adding more coats of paint until the surface is evenly colored.

Draw a design on your mask with a pencil. You can find Death Eater designs online, or you can make your own.

Paint the design with a fine-point paint brush. You can go back when you're done and touch it up.

Punch holes and attach ribbon or string to the mask, if that's not already done.


For this part, I'm wearing clothes I already have. For the wand, I have one I purchased at the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" at Universal Studios, but you can find many tutorials to make them online.


Black pants

Black shirt

Black cardigan or jacket with a hood

Black boots


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