How Local Walking Trails Can be Beneficial

Parham Bridges Walking Trail is in close proximity to most of the local colleges.

Parham Bridges Walking Trail is in close proximity to most of the local colleges.

The dreaded freshman 15. We all hear about it, and many of us may go through it. Some of the causes include a lack of exercise, eating late at night and eating unhealthy snacks.

One solution, of course, is exercising. One simple, free way students can combat the freshman 15 is to walk or run on local trails.

Walking trails can be beneficial in losing weight. It is a luxury to have trails located on college campuses or near.

With proper exercise, the freshman 15 can be conquered. Here are a few that are near local campuses. Add more at jfp.ms/walkingtrails.

Campus Gold Trail and Academic Green Trail

College: Belhaven University

With the help of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi, Belhaven University has developed two walking trails that students can utilize for intense exercise or simply for an easier way to navigate the campus. The two trails, Campus Green Trail and Academic Gold Trail, overlap one another and are built around the campus.

TC Squared Walking Trail

College: Tougaloo College

Like Belhaven, Tougaloo College's wellness initiative has allowed them to partner with Blue Cross & Blue Shield to create the TC Squared Walking Trail. It is located at the front of the campus near a pond and is one-third of a mile long.

Parham Bridges Park

(5055 Old Canton Road) College: All in Hinds County area

Parham Bridges Park has a walking trail that allows the general public to exercise. It is located at the intersection of Ridgewood and Old Canton roads. It's about five miles from Belhaven University, Millsaps College and Tougaloo College, and about eight miles from Jackson State University.

If you could recommend one thing to someone moving to Jackson for college, what would it be? Why?

"I would recommend trying everything at least once. Try that Thai place. Try yoga. Try the new barbecue place. Be open to new experiences. Legal experiences." —Maya Miller

"Get out there. People in Mississippi are actually really nice." —John Creel

"I would recommend a college student to remain focused on the task of completing school by not partying too much. The number of people dropping out or failing classes would decrease." —Chloe' Owens

"I would recommend someone moving to Jackson to try to find out all of the cool things the city has to offer and make the most of them. Because, I've lived in the Jackson area my whole life, and I've never really ventured into Jackson and explored all that there is to do." —Emerald Alexis Ware

"I would recommend getting to know as many other college students in the Jackson area at schools other than the one you are attending. The Jackson collegiate community is pretty small and knowing other people outside of your college or university can be a unique experience." —Guy King

"It's a great place to actually focus on your school. You won't get too swept up in the social aspect of the community. Not too much." 
—Deja Harris

"Eat. There are several Jackson restaurants that will blow your taste buds away. Try Babalu's Tacos & Tapas or E&L Barbeque." —Nia Wilson

"Be open minded." —Joshua Clayton

"Just because land is designated as a 'sidewalk,' that does not mean that you are safe from oncoming traffic. —Zachary Oren Smith

What is one thing you wish someone had told you prior to beginning your freshman year?

"I wish someone told me that no one has it all figured out by the time they graduate. It will all be okay. We're all just fumbling into adulthood, and that's OK." —Maya Miller

"How much the summer before sucks. I'm losing all of my friends." —John Creel

"The importance of budgeting in order save money because tuition is expensive and takes away so much of one's money already." —Chloe Owens

"I wish someone had told me to think of college as a marathon and not a race. I hit the ground running my freshman year, but as the years progressed, my momentum decelerated.

Instead of focusing on being an over-the-top freshman (which you should strive for, don't get me wrong), you need to realize that as a freshman, you may not be able to accomplish all the things you want; however, do not let that discourage you from pushing further as you 
continue on into your college career." —Emerald Alexis Ware

"I wish someone would have told me to be as involved on campus as much as possible. Getting involved on campus is the gateway to meeting so many people and advancing your collegiate career." —Guy King

"College campuses are a lot bigger when you're walking in the rain." —Deja Harris

"To search for an on campus job early. They are the best jobs, but they get taken very quickly." —Nia Wilson

"Go to everything you can." —Joshua Clayton

"I'll misquote a friend who paraphrased their professor, whose name I never learned: 'Life is too short for boring people, cheap booze and bad sex.'" —Zachary Oren Smith

"To learn to manage my time well, and always be present. Never multi-task." — Donna Ladd

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