Bad Calls and Dan Mullen


Bryan Flynn

This past weekend showed me that it is becoming nearly impossible to play pass defense. For example, West Virginia upset Baylor thanks to a few bad pass interference calls. The Detroit Lions used a weak—if it even really happened—pass interference call to beat the New Orleans Saints.

Pass interference and defensive holding penalties are becoming an annoyance. It seems that any time a defense gets a stop to force a punt, a flag comes out to keep the offensive drive alive. Receivers now scream for flags on each incomplete pass. No one likes it when defenders clutch and grab receivers, but that doesn't mean that nearly every pass play needs a flag.

Most of the time, the replays don't show much contact or anything worthy of throwing a flag. These calls have both benefitted and impaired each team.

With teams passing so much in today's football, penalties hurt the flow of the game. Since it has become too easy to draw a flag, the rules need to be either reworked or officials need to let defenders have a chance to play the game.

One thing I know for sure is that after the debacle in Gainesville this weekend, Will Muschamp will be out as Florida Gators head coach. Florida fans will not stand for the 
Gators to be beaten they way they did on Saturday night.

The University of Missouri only had 119 total yards of offense but beat the Gators 42-13 with the help of six turnovers and four returns for scores. The Tigers had a fumble, interception, kickoff and punt returns for touchdowns. This loss sealed Muschamp's fate at Florida. It doesn't matter if it happens during or after the season. The Gators are going to need a new coach.

The question is: When they look at what their former offensive coordinator Dan Mullen has done at Mississippi State University, do they think Mullen can bring the Gators back to the Urban Meyer era of Gator football?

One thing is for sure: Florida has enough money to pay Mullen what he and all his assistants make at MSU. How rich is the Gators athletic program? In 2007, Gatorzone.com reported that Florida athletics gave $7 million to the academic side of the university and has given more than $50 million overall.

If Florida wants Mullen, they have the resources to wine and dine him and offer him a salary that would be on par with Nick Saban or Les Miles. Florida will make a run at Mullen. That's for certain. But only time will tell if Mullen wants to take the money and run or keep building a powerhouse at MSU.


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