From Sochi to Starkville


Bryan Flynn

These Winter Olympics are over and were a success for Russia. The host nation finished with the most medals (33), and nearly everything went off without much of a hitch for the entire time.

Sochi wasn't bad for the USA, either. The United States finished second in the medal count (28), but was a disappointment in some areas.

It is strange that the U.S. didn't medal in men's or women's individual ice skating, and short-track skating was a disaster in Sochi. The U.S. men's hockey team looked like they put everything into beating Canada and didn't have anything left, emotionally, to use against Finland.

Finland came out and punched the U.S. in the mouth, and the U.S. never responded.

When the New Jersey Nets signed (and played) Jason Collins this past weekend, the NBA beat the NFL in terms of a major men's sports league drafting the first openly gay player .

Collins is much closer to the end of his pro career than Missouri football star Michael Sam. Still, Collins in the NBA is a step forward in the sports world.

It looks like the NCAA Men's Tournament might be Mississippi free. Ole Miss and Southern Miss are long shots for receiving at-large bids.

Mississippi State, Jackson State and Alcorn State must win their respective conference tournaments to go dancing. The Rebels and Eagles have put themselves in the same spot.

As of press time, Mississippi State is at 4-4 in baseball. The Bulldogs are off to a slow start after their magical run to the College World Series Championship Series last year. Last season, MSU was undefeated through eight games—in fact, the Bulldogs didn't lose until March, going 17-0 to start the season.

Could the pressure of expectations be getting to MSU? Only time will tell. Baseball is a marathon, not a sprint. The Bulldogs have plenty of time to right the ship this season.

Next week, we will discuss the results of the underwear Olympics, aka the NFL Combine.


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