10 Local Stories of the Week

Courtesy Holly Austin Smith

There's never a slow news week in Jackson, Miss., and last week was no exception. Here are the local stories JFP reporters brought you in case you missed them:

  1. Mayor Chokwe Lumumba has charged former Deputy Chief Lindsey Horton with making the Jackson Police Department more community-friendly.
  2. Federal Judge Henry Wingate has been admonished repeatedly for the long delays in his court.
  3. The Blue Lightning Initiative trains airline employees to recognize signs of human trafficking.
  4. Jackson business owners and concerned citizens are channeling their inner Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins to give the Northside Drive exit on Interstate 55 a much-needed facelift.
  5. Becoming a victim of sex trafficking can happen to those from "good" homes just as easily as it does to those from "bad" or poor circumstances.
  6. Check out this year's Chicks We Love here.
  7. The 2013 Heroes of the Year are the members of the Women’s Initiative at Baker Donelson.
  8. Pornography—the vehicle by which many boys learn how to be men—has turned women into objects of loathing, abuse and violence.
  9. In the Hawkeye Initiative, a group of fans are working to break the sexist comic book stereotypes of hypersexualized females by putting male characters in the same poses.
  10. On July 12, Washington, D.C.-based Human Rights Campaign published a study showing that Mississippians' attitudes about discrimination against same-sex-loving people are less conservative than previously thought.

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